You might 
call me an UX, prototyper, or interaction designer.

Hi! I'm Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Behning. I specialise in the 
Human-Centered Design mindset, with a focus on interaction design. I've a deep knowledge of the UX process from start to finish, 
with more than 
six years UX experience
 designing websites and mobile apps for a range of markets including 
Legal, Insurance, 
and in the Freight and Trucks Exchange
. My main strength is focus: 
not on “pixel perfection”, 
 but on workflows
 -- avoiding complexity and misunderstanding of interfaces and systems. I like asking people about 
their needs and figuring out solutions
. I love the 
Human-Centered Design
 mindset. I do nevertheless have 
some geek skills (AngularJS, Git, NPM, Ruby, etc.)
 which allow me deliver 
prototypes at many levels of fidelity
. In my work I try to start with 
most important first and 
build outward
, avoiding the unnecessary. 
I've always liked well-designed things
, and stuff that works well. 
I like trying it, flipping it over, looking at the details. 

I like understanding how things work
 I love the world of IoT, Chatbots, IFTTT and Snapshat.