Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Behning


Front-End, HCI, IxD, UI-UX, Ruby, Git, Et cetera…

You might call me a Front-End, UX, or Interaction designer.

My main mission is to deliver optimal user experience through metaphors and intuitive behaviors. I bridge together the users and the Back-End. I live and breathe interaction. I design icons, draw out paper prototypes, and program in Ruby for fun.

I build prototypes just for the buzz of seeing people react to using them. I love reading Gladwell, and watching Johnathan Ive and Dieter Rams unearthing the close relationship between manufactured objects and their creators. I am dedicated to writing ever better and more clearly marked-up, more readable HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript… and Ruby, Haml, Sass code. I realise the impossibility of the notion of perfect code, but I strive for it anyway. I'm a fan of jQuery, Agile and Scrum. The GitHub completely transformed my way of working. I'm at ease working with other developers, clients, marketing, and with other departments.

I love the stimulation my work provides for both sides of my mindI really really love my work »!!

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There are many books that teach adults how to draw with their computer, but… what about for children? Ilustritas is the book for creative children who want to draw with the computer!!! Recommended for kids * from 7 years upwards